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Can you be a good teacher after a CELTA 100% online course?

I've talked about it many times and I will say it again - taking CELTA was one of the best decisions I've made in my teaching life. It boosted my confidence and taught me many tips and tricks on how to be an even better teacher. However, recently I saw something that got me thinking… Continue reading Can you be a good teacher after a CELTA 100% online course?

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These are a few of my favourite things (2021)

The year is coming to an end! It's been a difficult year, full of changes and new beginnings. I'm happy that it also marks my six months of blogging. Over 2000 of you have entered my website, and hopefully, found in here some useful information. In this last post of 2021, I'd like to share… Continue reading These are a few of my favourite things (2021)

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CELTA – language skills related tasks

On CELTA you are asked to complete four written assignments. Even though you get plenty of help from your tutors, time is pretty tight, and you need to do a lot of individual research. I'd like to show you my assignment 3 with hopes that it will give you some help and inspiration on your… Continue reading CELTA – language skills related tasks

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How to get a CELTA Pass A?

So you decided to commit and become an ESL teacher. The next best thing is to apply for the CELTA course and get that teaching certificate. I can't lie. I was thinking of taking CELTA for over a year, always finding excuses and thinking that maybe it isn't as necessary as everyone says. During the… Continue reading How to get a CELTA Pass A?

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Native speakers only!

Native speakers wanted! Our academy hires native speakers only! Learn English with native speakers! Sounds familiar? What if I tell you that it is all a lie... If you've ever looked for an ESL job, surely you were bombarded with native speakers only! as the top requirement. When I saw it for the first time… Continue reading Native speakers only!


Cambridge PET – Writing Part 1

Teaching writing can be quite hard - especially teaching writing for exam preparation. Like every teacher, I have my most and least favourite things to teach. It is quite easy to focus on the parts that we really enjoy and neglect the parts that we don't fully understand or we just don't have that much… Continue reading Cambridge PET – Writing Part 1

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School’s out! – and now what?

We made it! One of the most challenging school years is done! But what are you going to do now? There is no doubt that the school year 2020/2021 was one of the most difficult years for teaching. We all needed to adapt to the new routine, disinfect everything every 5 minutes, keep the distance,… Continue reading School’s out! – and now what?