B2 – A domestic tasks app

Every day, I swipe right to see the Google news tab and scroll through it hoping to find something I could adapt to my lessons. The other day I hit the jackpot when I saw a promising title saying that Spain is about to launch an app to ensure equal household chores distribution. I love… Continue reading B2 – A domestic tasks app


B2 – Don’t touch my dog, please!

It doesn't matter where you are from, almost everyone has some kind of feeling towards dogs. Some may love them, some may hate them, but the majority will agree - never pet a dog without the consent of an owner. It may seem strange, but this topic has come up in my lessons more than… Continue reading B2 – Don’t touch my dog, please!


C1 – Synesthesia (guided listening)

This lesson plan combines two last weeks' inspirations - a lesson on colours and a neurologist student. After extensive research on colour-themed topics, I found a perfect video which satisfied both of my criteria. I would like to present you with a C1 lesson plan on synesthesia - a neurological condition which pairs senses that… Continue reading C1 – Synesthesia (guided listening)


Cambridge PET – Speaking Part 4

After a short break, I am finally back with a post that was anticipated by a few teachers. Up to now, my most popular post was Cambridge PET - Speaking Part 3, so the time has finally come for PET Speaking Part 4, which shows how to answer opinion-based questions using appropriate vocabulary. It's a long… Continue reading Cambridge PET – Speaking Part 4

Teaching Experience

The Sorrows of an EFL Teacher

Once you decide to go on your own, it's best to get all the paperwork done and start looking for new opportunities. Many online academies will offer you a B2B contract, so you can invoice them at the end of each month for your hard work. However, once you start scrolling through job offers, you… Continue reading The Sorrows of an EFL Teacher


B1 – My last trip (conditionals)

Do you ever wonder what you could do with the students who have just returned from their holidays? Why not implement story-sharing and a review of the first, second and third conditional? It's a perfect way to talk about their future plans, hypothetical future trips and anything that went wrong and could have been prevented.… Continue reading B1 – My last trip (conditionals)


CAE – Reading Part 8

No matter who we are and where we are from, we can all agree on one thing - we all had to start our careers from zero. Whether your students are fresh graduates or looking for a career change, you can use this CAE exam preparation lesson to read and discuss advice given by career… Continue reading CAE – Reading Part 8

B1 PET, Culture Vulture

B1 – The Artist in Me

We are slowly coming to the end of this Preply course titled Culture Vulture. The fourth lesson deals with art and the meaning behind it. Students get a chance to learn the vocabulary needed to describe photos (and paintings) and finish the lesson by choosing the best painting for their teacher's virtual or real classroom. So… Continue reading B1 – The Artist in Me

B1 PET, B2 FCE, Courses, job interview

B1/B2 – Introduction to Job Interviews

A year ago, I had an ambitious plan to create a course on job interview preparation. This idea was abandoned for a bit too long, but I think that this time I'm back on track, and hopefully, I will be able to finish it! For a change, I structured myself and created a list of… Continue reading B1/B2 – Introduction to Job Interviews


B1 – How to start a vegetable garden? (imperatives)

Spring is already here, and what comes with it - gardening. Even if not everyone is crazy about this activity, why not take this opportunity and show how to begin this hobby? Maybe at the end of your lesson, your students won't only know more about imperatives but will want to start their gardening adventure.… Continue reading B1 – How to start a vegetable garden? (imperatives)