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B2 – A domestic tasks app

Every day, I swipe right to see the Google news tab and scroll through it hoping to find something I could adapt to my lessons. The other day I hit the jackpot when I saw a promising title saying that…

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B2 – Don’t touch my dog, please!

It doesn’t matter where you are from, almost everyone has some kind of feeling towards dogs. Some may love them, some may hate them, but the majority will agree – never pet a dog without the consent of an owner.…

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C1 – Synesthesia (guided listening)

This lesson plan combines two last weeks’ inspirations – a lesson on colours and a neurologist student. After extensive research on colour-themed topics, I found a perfect video which satisfied both of my criteria. I would like to present you…

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The Sorrows of an EFL Teacher

Once you decide to go on your own, it’s best to get all the paperwork done and start looking for new opportunities. Many online academies will offer you a B2B contract, so you can invoice them at the end of…

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B1 – My last trip (conditionals)

Do you ever wonder what you could do with the students who have just returned from their holidays? Why not implement story-sharing and a review of the first, second and third conditional? It’s a perfect way to talk about their…

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Joanna is a fantastic teacher. She prepares her classes, she is always helping you and giving you tips to improve your level. Moreover, her classes are very dynamic and interesting. I have learned a lot with Joanna!

Ada (C1 Cambridge)

Very professional and close to her students. She guides and trains students so they achieve planned goals and take the exams with sufficient knowledge to pass them without problems, in our case Cambridge B2 level. My daughter was delighted the whole year of classes that she has been with her. Joanna sent a monthly report with her progress. We are delighted with her work.

Marta (Cambridge B2)