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B2 – Listening Part 2 – Puffins

The beauty of being an ESL teacher is that you have an endless list of topics you can have a lesson on, no matter how niche or unusual they may seem. The other day, one of my B2-level students mentioned…

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B1 Listening – Sleepy in South Korea

What’s the value of sleep? In my opinion, the importance of sleep is priceless. It’s an essential activity that every single one of us needs to do daily to function properly. Imagine a situation in which you are so busy at…

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A2 trial lesson plan by ChatGPT

Since everyone’s been talking about the benefits of using ChatGPT at the workplace, I thought that I would also give it a go. My biggest day-to-day struggle is coming up with new and engaging ESL lesson plans. I’ve been using…

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B1 – Cinema of the Future

This is the third lesson of the Preply course – Culture Vulture. This lesson is based on a short video on the history of cinema and everchanging technology which affects people’s watching habits. It’s a perfect opportunity for students to learn…

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I couldn’t find any better! I am looking forward to each lesson. Joanna creates a nice atmosphere and brings up interesting issues and materials. Even grammar, which I was very afraid of, is not that scary. I recommend her very much!

Joanna (B1 General English)

Very good English teacher! She has helped me a lot to improve my level of English. She is very kind, polite, and patient. She inspires a lot of confidence and understanding when it comes to doubts about the subject. Her classes are fun and dynamic. I enjoyed your classes very much since you can see the passion in her work. Highly recommended!

Camila (B1 General English)