Cambridge PET – Speaking Part 1

The beginning of a speaking exam can be a nerve-racking experience. Speaking Part 1 is designed to break the ice and get to know the candidates. If you have been following me for some time, then you know I have a series on PET Cambridge exam preparation. Check out my previous lesson plans on¬†Writing Part… Continue reading Cambridge PET – Speaking Part 1


Your last holiday – A2 Adults

One month left! If you're coming back to the same school or academy and you know that you're getting the same students as before, it eliminates that awkward first class introductions. Instead you can focus on something much better - last summer experience. Last year I had a pleasure teaching a lovely group of general… Continue reading Your last holiday – A2 Adults


Introduce your classmate

First day of school is just around the corner! The very first class is always a challenge for me. I am on a never-ending quest to find the perfect introduction lesson activity. Since introducing ourselves can be a bit awkward, why doesn't someone else do it for us? I am yet to prepare a standard… Continue reading Introduce your classmate

Teaching Experience

Laugh it off!

Learning a new language often comes with making mistakes. Some mistakes are natural and relate to first language or mispronunciation. However, every now and then our students make mistakes that can make you laugh uncontrollably. What do you do then? Certain class situations can make you laugh out loud. I guess that's just one of… Continue reading Laugh it off!


Cambridge PET – Reading Part 1

There is a big difference between reading and understanding the text. In PET reading part 1, students decipher the meaning of five short texts found in everyday situations. This is my second post focusing on PET exam preparation. Click the link to check out the first part about teaching PET writing Part 1. In PET reading… Continue reading Cambridge PET – Reading Part 1


Happy Ice Cream Month!

As we transition from June to July, we go from pride month to ice cream month. I think it deserves a lesson that celebrates both of these reasons. I have met many ESL teachers who often bring their passion into their classrooms -travelling, crafts, learning languages or even space! It made me think - what… Continue reading Happy Ice Cream Month!

Teaching Experience

Native speakers only!

Native speakers wanted! Our academy hires native speakers only! Learn English with native speakers! Sounds familiar? What if I tell you that it is all a lie... If you've ever looked for an ESL job, surely you were bombarded with native speakers only! as the top requirement. When I saw it for the first time… Continue reading Native speakers only!