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Thanks, but no thanks!

When you first start teaching, saying 'NO' will be one of the most challenging things you will have to do. There are so many situations that come to mind when I should have said no, but didn't and regretted it instantly. I also remember the very first time I stood up for myself and then needed… Continue reading Thanks, but no thanks!

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These are a few of my favourite things (2021)

The year is coming to an end! It's been a difficult year, full of changes and new beginnings. I'm happy that it also marks my six months of blogging. Over 2000 of you have entered my website, and hopefully, found in here some useful information. In this last post of 2021, I'd like to share… Continue reading These are a few of my favourite things (2021)

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Videoconferencing software

Once you decide to work online, you are faced with one of the most important questions. What is the best video conferencing software out there? The choice is endless and it seems that every day, it gets bigger. My platform of choice is Zoom, but I adapt to the students and academies I work for.… Continue reading Videoconferencing software

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Technical language vs. ESL

ESL teachers are expected to know all about the language. Of course, we have no problems explaining grammar, preparing for the exams and of course, going over the most commonly used vocabulary. What happens when you have to teach something you have no expertise on? Should ESL teachers have any other educational background to be… Continue reading Technical language vs. ESL

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How to teach irregular verbs?

Teaching ESL as an afterschool activity is often seen as a job in which your primary task is to entertain and keep the students engaged. More often than not, teaching and testing aren't the main focus of the class. Some topics are quite difficult to make fun, especially if they are complex and essential. Irregular… Continue reading How to teach irregular verbs?

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The oversaturated market of ESL teaching

The Internet is full of websites for potential ESL teachers. There's an ever-growing demand for English teachers, but the market is so oversaturated that it seems almost impossible to stand out from the crowd. Demand for ESL teachers in Spain is constantly growing. Unfortunately, so is the number of teachers fighting to get the students.… Continue reading The oversaturated market of ESL teaching

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A bad date – teaching using anecdotes

Last year, for the first time ever I was given the opportunity to teach C1 level students. This year half of my students are of this level, which gives me a lot of chances of developing my way of teaching and revising advanced grammar. Even though teaching advanced students comes with many challenges, it feels… Continue reading A bad date – teaching using anecdotes

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The flakiness of adult students

At the beginning of my solo journey, I was quite excited. I realized that for once in my ESL teaching career, I can decide the type of students I teach. I always preferred a company of teenagers and adult students. My wish came true! Unfortunately, I forgot about one tiny thing - adult students are… Continue reading The flakiness of adult students

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Journey to freelancing – one month later

So it's officially been a month since I've decided on becoming my own boss. Let's do a recap and see how things are ACTUALLY going. So I started this solo journey with a lot of optimism. In reality, I wanted to work one more year at an academy and then go on my own. However,… Continue reading Journey to freelancing – one month later

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Cambridge Exam Score Templates

Who said that ESL teachers don't need to know math? We do math more than we would like to admit. All Cambridge exam preparation teachers, I've got something just for you! As a teacher in Spain, you do quite a lot of things. You get to teach all ages and levels, and probably one of… Continue reading Cambridge Exam Score Templates